My Awards
Name Description Award
Courageous Granted for showing acts of outstanding courage Courageous
Grammar Nazi Awarded to only the most anal grammar nazis Grammar Nazi
Ninja This member is extremely sneaky. Ninja
Bomb-Diggity This user is the shit plain and simple. Bomb-Diggity
Grenade Hopper This member will take one for the team. Grenade Hopper
Kiss-Ass This member has kissed some serious ass. Kiss-Ass
el Diablo This member will burn in hell. el Diablo
Fly Guy This member is pretty fly for a while guy. Fly Guy
Turkey Awarded to the bravest of cowards! Turkey
Drunk This guy is probably hammered. Drunk
Ass Wipe Everyone hates this guy! Ass Wipe
Champion This guy is a legend. Respect. Champion
Hustler This member is a striaght hustla. Hustler
Baker Awarded for excellence in Baking! Baker
Camo This user blends in with the night. Camo
Master Farmer This guy is triple boxing in your sleep. Master Farmer
Bong Squad This member likes budz Bong Squad
Donator This member has donated to Stimutax Gaming Donator
Guild Wars 2 This player plays Guild Wars 2 with Stimutax. Guild Wars 2
Face Check Extraordinaire This guy cant help but run into a bush blindly just to get raped. Face Check Extraordinaire
Shadowbane Stress Test This member reached r7 in the 2012 May-June stress test Shadowbane Stress Test
League of Legends Level 30 LoL Player League of Legends
Signature Forge Master This guy help the community by making sexy signatures. Signature Forge Master
SB Closed Beta This member can play shadowbane and you can't! SB Closed Beta
GW2 Guild Manager Report to this guy! GW2 Guild Manager

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