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Monkyz app
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Monkyz app
Name L R

- Age Im old

- Timezone/Average Playtime
20-40 hours
I play pacific time

- How long you've been playing Shadowbane

since beta 2003

- Number of accounts used

20 accounts

- Main character's name

Outcals 75 bird scout

- Other characters on your account including name/class

LvL: 75 Neph Warlock (Prismatic) staff
LvL: 73 Dwarf Priest (Sweatyhand) hammer
LvL: 51 Dwarf priest (skerge) hammer
LvL: 57 Human Nightstalker (Monky) unholy graces
LvL: 71 Vamp Assassian (Monkyz) Unholy UA
LvL: 70 Ireaki Priest (ESRB) UA Unholy
LvL: 75 human channy (Burnning) hammer
LvL: 75 Half giant Barb (bigshirly) Wing axe's
LvL: 75 Dwarf Sader (Dikmitized) hammer
LvL: 70 Aracoix barb (Yakusho) wing axes
LvL: 75 Cent Druid (Plusten) hammer
LvL: 54 Elf druid (twitches) telans
LvL: 70 shade wizzy (Jermane Dupree
LvL: 63 dwarf sentinel (Moldie) hammer
LvL: 75 arciox scout (duelcore) bow
LvL: 75 Human Priest (Thank) hammer
LvL: 65 shade warlock (Ikillblonde) blade master sword
LvL: 68 halfgiant sentinal (Holystiffon) hammer
LvL: 68 HalfGiant barb (Impressive)
LvL: 75 dwarf prelate (Marbel) hammer
LvL: 53 human bard (oppongo) nothing
LvL: 56 Elf doomie (Ihang) staft
LvL: 75 halfgiant barb (xMonkyx) axe
LvL: 75 human barb (monkyss) hammers
LvL: 30 Human barb (sMonkys)
LvL: 66 Aracoix Assassian (Winstar) FC daggers
LvL: 75 Human warrior (equipto) spear
LvL: 75 dwarf priest (deluxheals) hammer
LvL: 75 dwarf warrior (kneel) slash axe
LvL: 75 dwarf warrior (magnumpi) UA
LvL: 75 human necro (shielah) staft
LvL: 72 Aelfborn warrior (asticky dilldo) pheonix blades
LvL: 64 dwarf sader (fingers) hammer
LvL: 67 Neph warlock (Leadership) staft
LvL: 75 dwarf warrior (fatmonky) wing axes
LvL: 75 Irekei bard (zMonkyz) bow
LvL: 75 Half Giant barb (vMonkyv) judgment hammer
LvL: 60 Vamp Thief (DavidBowie)
LvL: 74 Human templar (preperation H) sword
LvL: 63 Mino barb (personall) axe
LvL: 75 Human confessor (Sexxys) hammer
LvL: 75 Irekie assassian (fearwhat) blue khans
LvL: 75 Aelfborn warrior (Monkys) UA KOP
LvL: 75 Aelfborn warrior (Magicstick) Staft
LvL: 75 dwarf priest (Goldenstance) Hammer
LvL: 75 Irekei Scout (Monkyzz) blue khans
LvL: 75 Irekei warrior (Wounds) khans
LvL: 75 Irekei Warrior (Internall) Khans
LvL: 55 Neph assass (smother)
LvL: 65 Human Crusader (xxMonkyxx) sword
LvL: 75 Vamp scout (lMonkyl) Bow
LvL: 50 Aracoix Warlock (BuckRogers) proc daggers
LvL: 70 Human Barb (iMonkyi)
LvL: 71 Araciox Scout (outcalls) Bow
LvL: 75 Dwarf priest (Solarstance) hammer
LvL: 52 Human barb (taiste like candy) not complete
LvL: 73 Human nightstalker (Monky) graces
LvL: 53 elf Doomy (Ventrilo) burner
LvL: 70 Shade wiz (Jermane) staft
LvL: 68 elf fury (Hookr) duel blades
LvL: 68 vamp necro (Milfstalker)
LvL: 57 half giant warrior (International)
LvL: 75 halfgiant barb (Meltdown)
LvL: 56 Ireaki Nightstalker(Climate) Duel swords
LvL: 53 Human nightstalker (Setback) crossbow
LvL: 73 Aracoix scout (oMonkyo)
LvL: 75 HalfGiant Sader (Volume)
LvL: 72 Elfborn barb (Monkyz) wing axes

- Current guild/Reason for leaving current guild


When your guild leader blames you for taging someone and he can't remember he did it 24 hours ago
Make you think. Cocaine is a horrible drug

- Former guilds/Reason for leaving former guilds

Lk= Tired of people from there shit talking others.

Sodt= I have no problem if the N word is used but don't call me out on it.

- Other games that you are currently/no-longer playing

pirates of the burning sea

- Name of contact within Stimutax that will vouch for you

10-09-2007 03:49 AM
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Monkyz app
i can relate

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10-09-2007 04:39 AM
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Monkyz app
No one is going to call you out on being black, but the N word is thrown around frequently in vent. If you can handle that, you should be ok.

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10-09-2007 04:52 AM
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Monkyz app
Amen, let him in. Played with him on redemption Big Smile
10-09-2007 05:36 AM
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Monkyz app
+1 for taking the time to post that toon list

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10-09-2007 01:44 PM
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The n word Im not tripen
you can say it all you want. I care more about people who I haven't killed in sb yet.
10-09-2007 01:51 PM
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Guild Wars 2
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Monkyz app
yeah +1 for toon list...

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-It takes twenty years or more of peace to make a man, it takes only twenty seconds of war to destroy him.-
10-09-2007 07:06 PM
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Monkyz app
I asked Monky to post his app a second time and I'm going to vouch for the second time as well. Solid player looking for some solidity(we) on Mourning.

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10-09-2007 07:38 PM
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Monkyz app
For what its worth I remember Monkey well before the LK BC sergefest started. Was a solid guy.
10-09-2007 11:41 PM
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Hey Monky
I to have played alongside Monky. Hes a good guy and more importantly a good player.
10-10-2007 02:04 AM
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